Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V1 #274

>Anyone know how to prevent the white cotton-looking substance from
>appearing at the CO2 reactor? Thanks in advance.
I have never seen a cootony growth around a CO2 bottle reactor, so i'll
assume you are talking abouut a yeast system. The cottony growth is a
fungus living off of the nutrients being pumped into the tank with the
little water that gets forced up the hiose when the CO2 is shaken. You can
prevent it only be keeping ALL of the water in the yeast bottle...which
means you have to lower the water level in th ebottle or have a water trap
built in the line. A water trap can be made with an erlymyer flask, a two
hole stopper, and two pieces of glass tubing. Attach the outlet hose from
the yeast reactor to one hole oi the flask's stopper, and attach the hose
to the fish tank to the other hole.

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