New 55

I'm getting ready to set up another 55g tank.  I will have a few angels
and cardinal tetras in it.  My tap water is very soft ~2Gh and 3-4Kh.  The
ph straight out of tap is around 6.6-6.9.  Chloramine is not used by the
local water co., just chlorine.  I will more than likely build my own
canopy and use 80-120 watts of light using 48" tubes.  I may also attempt
to use the DIY CO2 again (didn't have good luck with it last time...) 
Anyways, can anybody suggest a good substrate and variety of plants I
could use succesfuly in this set up?  I can't afford to go all out on this
and am not too terribly concerned with outstanding plant growth.  I do
want it all to grow and look good, however.  I've heard various opinions
on peat moss, vermaculite etc.  I will not be using a UGF.  I've thought
about using peat, vermaculite, sand - but don't know if that would be a
good idea.  Thanks in advance for all your input.  btw, what would be a
good 2 or 3 bulb combination?