Re: nutrient diffusion into substrates

> From: Charley Bay <charleyb at hpgrla_gr.hp.com>
> Date: Fri, 25 Aug 95 8:35:37 MDT
> I agree with your statement "how vermiculite is so wonderful because
> it increases the permeability of the substrate..."  George may be
> right in stating that laterite is "not a fine clay", but I think he
> must admit that laterite compacts over time (thus restricting
> circulation) to a point at least a magnitude greater than vermiculite
> does.

Nope, I won't "admit" that at all.  The only place I notice any kind
of "compaction" is on the very bottom of the substrate on top of the
glass.  And that layer is just fine "dust" laying there.  Not
compacted.  Remove from your mind the myth of laterite "compacting".