Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V1 #272

Subject: Re: Ick medication


> I just finished treating my 70 gal. planted tank with "Super Ick Plus" fro
> Aquatronics. It contains Malachite Green and Quinine Hydrochloride. I
> treated Cardinal and Neon tetras at half dose (which was recommended
> on the bottle for cardinal and other sensitive tetras).
> There does not seem to be any adverse effect to any of my plants. The
> plants are crypts, R. Macrandra, R. Rotundifolia, Java fern, A.Nana,
> Copper leaf, Zosterafolia, Bacopa Caroliniana, Water Sprite, Giant Val.
> three or four varieties of swords... I think that's all of them. 
> The whole treatment took about a week but all fish and plants are fine.

While I hope you are right, and your plants are fine, please be aware that 
damage from medications or other chemicals can show up in your plants as 
much as 6-8 weeks after you use it.