Re: Help! Echinodorus plague

Tomasz Nidecki says....

"However, I bought some Echinodorus amasonicus and two other
species for my tanik for young plecos, and discovered that
all the new plants and the old large echinodorus are dying
on me...
The sickness makes the young leaves (not the old ones!) turn
white, lose their filling and become a thin net-like
structure. Some older leaves start getting this, too but
most of the time only partially (not the whole leaf at

Unless the leaves are first turning yellow (iron deficiency),
pale green (sulfur deficiency), have a reticulated look to them
(manganese deficiency), or have small holes in them (potassium
deficiency), my guess is that the plecos are eating them. Give
them a piece of driftwood on which to chew. If it is a nutrient
problem, you are lacking one of the immobile elements: boron, iron,
manganese, copper, calcium or sulfur. Does that sound right everyone?