fw: Help! Echinodorus plague

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Date: Mon, 28 Aug 95 20:01:53 +0200
Subject: Help! Echinodorus plague.
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I need help. I'm not an experienced plant keeper, since I
keep fish that eat plants, so I can't have both at once...
However, I bought some Echinodorus amasonicus and two other
species for my tanik for young plecos, and discovered that
all the new plants and the old large echinodorus are dying
on me... A friend came over and told me this is an
Echinodorus sickness that is supposively caused by virus or
bacteria and I can't cure the plnats... I want to get more
info on it, perhaps there is a chance.

The sickness makes the young leaves (not the old ones!) turn
white, lose their filling and become a thin net-like
structure. Some older leaves start getting this, too but
most of the time only partially (not the whole leaf at
once). I can't really say much more, hope someone out there
knows about this and can tell me whether to just throw away
all those plants and get ne wones, not Echinodorus, or is
there a way of saving them - it's not worth that much but it
would be a shame to lose them, especially that one-year old
big one...

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