Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V1 #270

Hi everyone,

I have a couple of comments to make after reading thru the past weeks
email (I've been at a conference - non-aquarium related).

Firstly, regarding Fe test kits:
	I use Red Sea Pharms kit & found this works well - results
	certainly correlate to amount of drops of Duplaplant24 daily
	fertilizer that I add to my tanks.  It is pretty cheap also.
	I'd like to know if anyone has any comments regarding this
	kit or know how it compares to the La Motte one (I read that
	someone didn't like the Dupla one or something along those lines).

Secondly, regarding anaerobic substrates:
	I've had first hand experience with anaerobic substrates.  The
	plants grow less well when the substrate is anaerobic than when
	it is not.  Vacuuming anaerobic substrates can kill your fish
	unless your tank is well aerated.