Re: Ick medication

Dennis Asks? 

>        Does anyone know a medication that works well for ick and is
>harmless to plants?

I just finished treating my 70 gal. planted tank with "Super Ick Plus" from
Aquatronics. It contains Malachite Green and Quinine Hydrochloride. I
treated Cardinal and Neon tetras at half dose (which was recommended
on the bottle for cardinal and other sensitive tetras).
There does not seem to be any adverse effect to any of my plants. The
plants are crypts, R. Macrandra, R. Rotundifolia, Java fern, A.Nana,
Copper leaf, Zosterafolia, Bacopa Caroliniana, Water Sprite, Giant Val.
three or four varieties of swords... I think that's all of them. 
The whole treatment took about a week but all fish and plants are fine.

Brad L.       blauchno at email_state.ut.us