Re: New Light Setup

Subject: Re: New Light setup


> I've had these plant's for more than 6 month's now (maybe longer) and hav
> had no trouble with any dieing off (pray they don't change their mind's
> now) 

That's good, it means that they are probably at least receiving subsistence 
levels of light.

my ph is steady over the corse of the day in the mornings around 7:0
> am pacific time it's 7-7.5 and 12 hrs it's measuring the same (just bough
> this test kit my last one was crud) any way go figure. 

That shows that you have sufficient CO2 _for your present light level_.  It 
does not mean that your CO2 level will be sufficient after you increase the 
lgighting.  You'll have to check it again then to know if you are going to 
need to supplement.