Re:V1 #267 Gas dissolved in water

>From: gomberg at wcf_com (Dave Gomberg)
>Date: Sat, 26 Aug 95 07:14:38 PDT
>Subject: Re: Diffusion
>I was just reading a limnology book at the lib yesterday and for a gas in
>solution (the example used O2) to diffuse 10m in a lake that was otherwise
>undisturbed takes about 600 YEARS.  So forget this mm per day stuff.  Their
>point was that diffusion is VERY SLOW.  OTOH, if you have even Malaysian snails
>in your substrate, you will have more than just diffusion going for you.
 As a rather unscientific test, the other day I took a transparent coke
bottle (10oz) and cut the top off. I placed the open end down in my aquarium
and held it in place with some strapping. From my co2 bottle I filled the
coke bottle so that all the water was displaced with co2. This was about 10
at night, in the morning when I looked at the bottle all of the co2 has
dissolved and the water had risen to the top of the bottle. 

I can only assume therfore that the co2 went into the water.

Doug Bardell
Garson, Ont, Ca.