RE: New Light Setup

So being that this is my own light setup that i'm thinking about doing does
anyone out there think that the 5 36" fl bulb's that I sugested would be to
much light? I realise that I am going to have other problems (algae
bloom's) at first but I would think that after I get past the inital stage
every thing will be cool and then I can think about adding maybe a DIY CO2
system and work out the other bugs that may come along. Right now I have
some red hygro, C. wendi, 3 swords a clump of java moss 1 A. nana and some
weird vine type plant that was reported to me as a creeping charlie but I
know it is not and another tall growing plant that I care not to look up at
this point and they are all growing but not "thriving" and all the light
they get is a coral life 50/50 and a power-glo plant light both at 48" long
this is not enough light for them to really "thrive" but it does allow for
growth and as you notice most of my plant's are high light plants. They
IMHO could use more light but like I was saying are 5 36" bulbs to much
light for them and my other question is can I just use shop fixtures that
are rated similar to what I have now or is that part of it going to require
some extra thought because I would like to keep the amount of balasts that
I get down to 1 or 2 or do they even make a balast that can handle 5
light's at 1 time..... 
Anyway I seem to be draging on a bit long here so let me know ok Thanks
again everyone. Hope I didn't sound mad at everyone all the other tips have
helped me decide what I'm going to need to do when and if the light's come
Gary Alness (misman at hooked_net)----------------->