Re: Severum and plants

Layne sent a message concerning his golden Severum eating the plants 
in his tank.

A week ago I bought a pair of Severums and am now faced with the same 
problem.  I am one of the people who believe that my tank is 
predominantly there for the benefit of keeping my fish happy and am 
not _that_ concerned about them eating the plants.  I have, however, 
heard of a few tips that I am going to try because my plants are 
starting to look quite sad.  Hopefully they will work for you.

If you satisfy the fishes need for vegetable matter in it's diet, I 
think it will largely leave the plants alone.  Most fish with a taste 
for greens are said to really enjoy a piece of lettuce or some slices 
of zucchini (baby marrows ?) as part of their diet.  I was told that 
it was best to put the lettuce/zucchini in boiling water for a minute 
before letting it cool and feeding it to the fish.  Any excess 
zucchini can also be put in meal-sized plastic bags and frozen.

I plan on trying this out this weekend.  I will let you know if it 
works or not.

Brendan at dwaf-hri_pwv.gov.za