> About twenty days ago, I bought a pair of Pelvicachromis pulcher on sale
> at a local store, and today I see a school of baby Kribs swimming around
> the mother in front a piece of driftwood in my 2-month old community plant
> tank!  Not bad for 2 for $5 special.  I have read Erik's excellent and
> funny article on breeding Kribs (hey Erik, this is sooo easy :-)), 

Grr.  Lucky you got a real pair the first time. :)

>but I
> still have some questions. Erik said that I should siphon out some of the
> fry, but I have trouble getting to them in the densely planted tank.  Any
> chance some of the fry will survive if I simply leave them alone in a
> 90gal tank with lots of plants to hide in between?

Probably good, especially if there are areas so dense that the angels
can't get in, and that you can't get the fry out.  The parents should
guard them for a month or so.  I found that if I feed them baby brine
shrimp during this period (I "injected"  the naplii with an airline tube
as a siphon so I could aim directly at the baby Kribs), they would be big
enough in one month to survive on their own.  My tank's only a 45, so 
with a 90 it should be all the better.

  - Erik

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