Re: A. madagascariensis

Stephen Pushak writes, Tue, 15 Aug 95 13:16:48 PDT

>Interested in any and all experiences with this plant.  (A. madagascariensis)

I have found that A. madagascariensis benefits greatly from having some
companion plants growing in the same pot.  I think the roots of the
companion plants somehow benefit the lace plant, possibly by providing
oxygen.  I have had a lace plant in continuous growth without any dormant
phase for four years.  It was in a pyrex baking dish with about 1/4 inch
topsoil on the bottom covered by one inch of gravel.  Growing with it was
C. nevilii (spelling?).  The plant flowered on several occasions and
produced seeds from which I got about 20 plants which I gave to the local
tropical fish store when they (the plants) had bulbs about the size of
marbles.  Without companion plants the leaves of the lace plant get patches
that die and turn black.

Paul Krombholz