> From: ibi007 at lion_connect.more.net (Allen Sandifer)
> I have the Dupla Iron Test Kit. Each time I measure it I get the same
> reading or so it seems (0.5). The direction are not too good IMHO. Does
> anyone else use this kit and if so with what results. 

We had one and got the same bad results as you.  I would give up on
it and get a *real* iron test kit by Lamotte. More expensive (~ $45) 
but it WORKS!. 

> I have been reading the test by looking down through the tube, is this
> the proper way of doing it?

I think so.  

We were generally NOT impressed with Dupla's test kits.  We had CO2,
O2 and Fe.  None worked very well.  Possibly, they don't sell very
well in the U.S. and have been sitting on shelves too long.  The
reagents don't last forever...