Natural Aqaurium & Terrarium Mail Order

I'm sure some of you on the list have seen the Natural Aquarium &
Terrarium ad in in FAMA.  Being from St. Louis I was obviously
interested when I saw a placed so near to home.  I made the 40 mile trek
out to this place and was pretty disappointed.  NO PLANTS!  They had
pond plants and some Koi but the rest of the place was your
run-o-the-mill nursery.
Well I found out they had a wholesale location where they grew all of
their aquatic plants.  Allen Sandifer and I drove out there again and
after braving a driveway that traversed a not so dry creek bed, we found
PLANTS!  Beautiful plants at that.  They were all being grown in their
rockwool filled plastic pots with barely the bottom of the pot touching
water.  I guess you classify this as emersed? :)
As we browsed we found out to our suprise that the sprinkler system was
set to go off about every five minutes.  Which was probably good because
it was HOT!  We're talking Africa hot.  It must have been 120 degrees in
that greenhouse.
Anyway, I don't know how well they pack their plants for shipment but
the ones on the racks (and there were hundreds) all looked exceptionally
healthy and robust and since they ship 2nd day I suspect the plants
would weather the trip well.  I fully intend to purchase a stock of
their plants soon for my new 75g.  Allen came away with some form of
Hygro, a Java Fern and a copy of TOA.
I would recommend this place be added to the Plant FAQ as an excellent
mail order source for plants.  Almost all of their plants go for $2.95.
Some come in small, medium & large sizes up to $12.  The Anubias were $6
and they weren't the tiny 4 leafed specimens that I've encountered in
local pet shops.
I've seen people ask about this place place on CompuServe and I thought
I'd share our experience with the rest of you.  Try them out and let me
know what you think!  For those that have never heard of them, call them
at 1-800-423-4717 and ask for a their price list.  They carry Dupla
fertilizer supplies & equipment (at very competative mail order prices)
as well as UltraLife CO2 stuff and more...
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