Re: Japanese shrimps found in Germany

lf at gimli_comlink.de (Lars Fenneberg) wrote in V1 #252:
>       I asked him if he knew other shrimps (especially from Japan) he
>       promptly showed my a copy of "Natura Aquarium World" and said that
>       he carried Bee shrimp (which he also called Zebra shrimps) once in a
>       while. Unfortunatly he didn't have any at the moment, but he said
>       that they are readily available and that I could order them. The
>       only thing that was wrong is that he thinks that these Bee shrimps
>       are Caridina japonica, but what he described (small, reddish, with
>       strips) sounded really like Atydae spec. as mentioned in George's
>       article.

Let me clarify one point;
  Bee shrimps are from China or South-east Asia.
  (Lars, what you found in Germany are not Japanese shrimps.)

"Zebra shrimps" are also sold here in Japan occasionally.
They are considered to be a type of bee shrimps.

I had a zebra shrimp for a year, and added 15 bee shrimps in May.
I got several babies by the beginning of July, then unfortunately, lost
all the bee-shrimps (and the zebra shrimp) during the 1-week vacation
at the end of that month due to the hot summer. (;_;)
(I guess the water temp may have been over 32C.)

Bee shrimps eat by far less algae than Caridina japonica's do.  But, they
may work in large number. (I lost them before evaluating this by myself.
And unfortunately, they are not so readily available for retrying.)
Bee shrimps will easily propagate if 10 of them are kept in a tank with
no fish.

By the way,
how much do the bee shrimps cost in Germany or in other countries?
(Each bee shrimp or Caridina japonica is sold at 200yen or so around here.)