SAEs, what else... (was: Re: Suggestion about restocking...)

> because there is a wealth of information there. A recent issue had an
> excellent article by Liisa on classifying SAE and the other look-alikes.

Steve, don't forget Neil Frank; we wrote the article together.

> By the way, Liisa, what do Flying 
> Foxes eat anyway? (precious little from my observations)

I have had my Fox only few weeks and all I can say is that he has to eat
something because he is not so skinny any more. He seems to be nibbling
the edges of sword plant leaves constantly. I'm not sure if he really
eats soft green algae, like it looks, or tries to search for tiny animals.
Perhaps a Flying Fox is a real algae eater anyway. 

Would you believe that 9 pet shops out of ten sell real SAEs here, but
I had to search over a year to find a real Flying Fox! 

Today I visited a public aquarium, which had a huge planted tank (few
thousand liters, impressive landscaping with driftwood but not very
pretty plants). It had probably a hundred smallish SAEs and nearly as
many big penguin tetras, and these two species schooled together.
Their colors resemble very much each others, and the fish were about
same size. Other algae eaters in that tank were Rineloricaria and
Farlowella cats, and at least one smallish pleco, species unknown to me.

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