Re: Source for plants in the St. Louis Area

>From: Tom Bailey <baileyt at osler_wustl.edu>
>Date: Fri, 18 Aug 1995 13:54:00 -0400
>Subject: Source for plants in the St. Louis Area
>Anyone have suggestions for a good source of plants in the
>St. Louis area?  Thoughts about species that are
>particularly well-adapted to our water (once you get
>the pH down from 10, and ignoring the recent atrazine

Beldt's Aquarium has some nice plants from time to time.  They often don't
have that great a selection in the store itself, but if you call and arrange
to get there while their warehouse (behind the store) is still open, they
often have a better selection there.  I've bought large quantities of V.
spiralis at good prices.  I think I remember reading somewhere that Gilberg's
(?) grows their own plants and has an aquatic plant operation in addition to
their regular nursery stuff.  Can't help with plants that do well in the tap
water.  I gave up on it a while back and use RO water now.
Mark A. Thompson - rrs0062 at ibm_net