Duplaplant fertilizer tablets

In a recent posting George wrote:

>You need to use *both* Duplaplant tablets *and* Duplaplant 24 drops 
>to achieve a balanced "diet" for the plants. A lot of folks don't seem
>to realize this. Tablets are used when you change water every two
>weeks and drops are used daily. 

I had also noted that in your posting regarding the mineral contents of the
Dupla fertilizers that you alluded to this also.  However, I have read &
re-read the instructions that come with the Duplaplant fertilizer tablet
& they state that it is a "base" fertilizer & only give one dosage per tank
size & don't say that it should be used weekly like Duplagan.  The do say
to use Duplagan and the daily Duplaplant 24 drops once you have the "base".

Where have you seen info that says it should be used weekly?