Japanese shrimps found in Germany

Hello everyone!

	With much interest I read the article "Report from Japan"
	posted by George to *.aquaria, especially the things
	about algae eating shrimps.
	Today I went into a local shop were I had seen a shrimp called
        glassshrimp a few weeks ago. Fortunatly the shop keeper had a good
        day and I asked him if he knew the scientific name of this
        "glassshrimp". He didn't knew it but said that it would eat algae.  I
        asked him if he knew other shrimps (especially from Japan) he
        promptly showed my a copy of "Natura Aquarium World" and said that
        he carried Bee shrimp (which he also called Zebra shrimps) once in a
        while. Unfortunatly he didn't have any at the moment, but he said
        that they are readily available and that I could order them. The
        only thing that was wrong is that he thinks that these Bee shrimps
        are Caridina japonica, but what he described (small, reddish, with
        strips) sounded really like Atydae spec. as mentioned in George's

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