Source for trace elements and K2SO4.

Just thought some of you might be interested in a cheap source of trace elements and, if you need it, K2SO4.  They do mail order too.

The place is called: Que-Pousse (They do speak english)
            address: 2215 Walkley, Montreal, Quebec H4B 2J9
              phone: (800) 489-2215 or (514) 489-3806
                fax: (514) 489-3985

They sell a 'Chelated Trace Element Mix' that contains:

Fe 7%, Mn 2%, Zn 0.4%, Cu 0.1%, B 1.3%, Mo 0.06%,  EDTA 42%, DTPA 13%

It costs about $10.00 Canadian for a 450g container.

The K2SO4 costs $10.00 for a 750g container.

Always mix the trace elements with 'demineralized' water before adding to the aquarium.

I have not connections with this shop other than that I buy from them.

Hope this helps someone :-)


Ed Tomlinson (tomlins at cam_org)
Montreal, Canada

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