Re: Green spot algae eaters

From: Stephen.Pushak at hcsd_hac.com

> Do your otos spend any time munching on the glass? 

We don't depend much on otos.  But the farlowellas spend a lot of time
stuck to the glass. 

> The other algae which grows on my glass sometimes is green fur algae
> and this is relatively soft. It does not form a dense mass but has
> short, thin filaments upto a few millimeters in length.

Our 120g tank is prone to a velvety rich green algae that can cover
the glass in a week, which it did when I removed the farlowella.  I
put it back in and the aglae was gone overnight. 

> Could you describe this green spot algae more? (without putting it
> under the microscope ;-) Does it have tufts or hairs and is it
> extremely hard to get it off?

It starts as a little bright green dot and can grow to the size of 2
mm in two weeks. It can be rubbed off acrylic tanks with a soft cloth
and elbow grease but requires something more robust in a glass tank. 
At this size, there are no tufts or hairs, just a smooth green spot. 
Some of the really old Anubias leaves will get this also; it looks
like someone painted a lighter green area on the plant.