Hot Gravel & Laterite source (fwd)


 first of all, sorry for my bad English. Hopefully you understand, what I mean

 Earle wrote in his forwarded message:

 >> If you read TOA you will note they recommend using 1/3 laterite mixed into
the gravel and use that mix for the bottom 1/3 of the tank.  This is in
conflict with the Duplairit instructions which would have you use much less.

 I'm possesing the German original of TOA, and there is a table which lists
the recommended amount of laterit vs. tank size:

 Surface ar.    Volume    gravel    Duplarit (laterite)
 sq. ft.        gal.      gal.         grams

   3.4           30        4            250
   5.4           53        9            500
   8.4           92       18.5         1000
  11.2          137       30           1500

 (Sorry, don't know how to convert g into oz. :-))

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