Clay pot laterite

> From: gomberg at wcf_com (Dave Gomberg)
> Well, thanks to the suggestion made recently on the list, I have found a source
> for laterite that is pretty reasonable.  What I propose to do is this:  form
> the laterite into coin-sized pieces and fire them.  The biggest problem is
> probably the kiln time, and as usual, the marketing.

This is the stuff used to make clay pots and bricks, no?
Maybe instead of mass-purchasing laterite and firing them into small 
balls, you'd get the same effect by sledge-hammering some cheap clay pots 
or bricks into coin-sized shards... I suggested this a few months back... 
brought about a small "hmm... do we get better plant growth in clay pots?" 

I think the source might be a good idea for us who like to mix up 
granular laterite in the bottom of the tank.  You have to do a 
LOT of hammering to get that from clay pots. :)

    - Erik