Re: Green spot algae eaters

George wrote:
> > > >Green spot algae will be eaten by most algae eating fish.
> I think David is referring to the hard green spots that grow on the
> glass and some plants.  None of the fish you mentioned will touch the
> stuff in *our* tanks.  At least, they don't touch it enough to do
> anything about it.

Perhaps we have different types of algae :%) Mine is green, starts out
as a dot and grows larger. It can be removed more easily than the
brush algae which forms tufts. The only fish which does an efficient
job of controlling it is the plecostomus however I don't keep these
with soft plants as the larger ones are destructive. Do your otos spend
any time munching on the glass? The other algae which grows on my
glass sometimes is green fur algae and this is relatively soft. It
does not form a dense mass but has short, thin filaments upto a few
millimeters in length. When my pH is at 6.5 and iron is not too high,
I don't get much algae on the glass of either of my tanks. Could you
describe this green spot algae more? (without putting it under the
microscope ;-) Does it have tufts or hairs and is it extremely hard
to get it off? 

 - Steve