Mad. lace plant

Steve wrote:

>>Very fascinating! May I ask what size your A. mad. gets to be? numbers of
Is it partially emersed? Does it go through a dormant phase? What temperature(s)
do you keep this tank? Does it bloom; produce seeds? Has it propagated? How long
have you had it? What types of substrate do you use? Do you have algae on the
leaves? You mentioned direct sunlight; how many hours etc? Are you happy with
results (does your method seem satisfactory?) I'm beginning to suspect
changes (even 5 degrees) might be enough to trigger grow phases in this plant.
Interested in any and all experiences with this plant. Thanks!<<

I've only had it since the first of the year so it hasn't gone through any
dormant phases yet. I purchased it as a bulb. I have actually been surprised at
it's growth. In photos they appear to grow on short stems like the A ulvaceus
In my aquarium it grows more like a water lily. The stems are long and the
leaves float on top. The leaves are huge. From the base of the plant to the end
of the leaves it's 25", 11" of that is the leaf itself. It has 8 leaves now. It
has had a few more but it doesn't seem to be able to support much more. As the
new ones appear the old ones start looking yellow and I remove them. I don't
heat my tanks so the temp in the summer gets to about 82f in the winter it gets
down to about 72. The substrate is mixed, the front part of the tank is kind of
pinkish sand collected near the painted desert. The rest of the tank is red and
black volcanic rock. To create a slight terraced effect I used some old Penn
Plex cliffs over some aquarium peat in the back and more of the volcanic  rocks
are over that. The A. mad. is in the middle of the tank between the sand and
rock and probably has roots in all three substrates. Most of my other tanks get
filtered sunlight only (no electrical lights). This tank has a 15 watt Life-glo
light in it now, however this is a new light and I couldn't find a name on the
old one when I replaced it, so I'm not sure what it was originally under. I wish
I had more info for you but since I haven't had this plant for more than a year
yet I don't know if I'm successful with it or not.