Re: Green spot algae eating fish

> From: Stephen.Pushak at hcsd_hac.com
> > David Whittaker wrote:
> > 
> > Stephen Pushak said...
> > 
> > >Green spot algae will be eaten by most algae eating fish.
> > 
> > Which fish would these be Steve?
> otocinclus, farlowella, SAE, young CAE, plecostomus.
> Exceptions: mollies, platys etc who nibble as opposed to rasp algae
> with sucker type mouths.

Uh, Steve, April 1st was a long time ago :-). 

I think David is referring to the hard green spots that grow on the
glass and some plants.  None of the fish you mentioned will touch the
stuff in *our* tanks.  At least, they don't touch it enough to do
anything about it.  Apparently you trained yours to eat this stuff. 
How did you do it?