Re: Introduction

> From: Rhonda Wilson <76031.710 at compuserve_com>
> Date: 15 Aug 95 12:06:46 EDT
> Subject: Introduction
> Hello All,
> I have been lurking here for about a month now and thought I should introduce
> myself. Ive been keeping aquariums almost my entire life. I received my first
> at 6 years old in 1970. I havent been without fish since. Currently I have
> several aquariums with almost no technology. A 30 gal. Salt water with lots of
> macroalgaes. This has two 20 watt fl. and a bubble wall. Two 20 gal. one is
> brackish and planted with Java moss, Java ferns, giant hygro, hornwort, and
> (gasp) some plastic ludwiga. As soon as the weather cools (Im in blistering hot
> AZ) Im ordering some C. ciliata to replace it with. Ive finally found a source
> for it after looking for the last couple years. This has two 15 watt fl. and a
> small airstone. I didnt have air in this tank until this summer but Ive had
> two bacterial type blooms, most likely brought in with tubifex worms for my
> gobies. One bloom killed most of my hygros and turned the Java ferns black. The
> ferns recovered. The other 20 is more like a 10, as the top is planted like a
> paladarium.
Hello Rhonda:

I'm interested in doing something like this.

Could you tell me how you did this?  Is it your own setup or a kit?  I
see a new item called a "River Tank" is now being advertised.  Are you
using something like this, or is your setup similar?

What plants are you using?  Do you have any emersed aquatics? Do you have
any bog plants or terrestrials?

What animals do you have in the paludarium?  Just fish, or other things.

I am thinking of a combination of various plants (emersed, bog and 
terrestrial), fish, amphibians, and invertebrates.

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