Remounting ballast

<My DIY hood contains 2 double fluorescent plus 2 single fluorescent shop
<lights for a total of 4 ballasts. Not only do they add a lot of weight to
<the already too heavy hood (I probably should have used something lighter
<than 1/2" particle board), they are generating so much heat that I have
<to turn one or two of them off on the hottest days. I suppose the best
thi<ng to do is to mount the ballasts away from the hood, in the cabinet
<below perhaps. Although it's probably a simple modification, I'd still
<like to hear about your experience if you have your fluorescent ballasts
<mounted remotely. Thanks.

It is a simple matter to do. I have done it several times.  My salt water
tank has the ballast's in the stand. Just clip the wires insert the extra
amount of wire needed, making sure that the same wires are connected
together. All wires are color coded so that should not be a problem but
if you have not had much experience at wiring do one at a time. Most
ballast have a wiring diagram on them. To splice the wires either
solder them or use wire nuts. I would also make a good tape  job on
them as spray ect. can get on them.

You may want to replace the outlet with a ground leak detector outlet.
These are not very expensive but could save you from a nasty shock,
or worse. Also doing the change will remove your ballast where they
can be sprayed with water, inportent in salt water tanks.

Most supplies can be obtained at Radio Shack or a hardware store.

Dale Deck