Remote mounting of ballast, anyone?

My DIY hood contains 2 double fluorescent plus 2 single fluorescent shop 
lights for a total of 4 ballasts. Not only do they add a lot of weight to 
the already too heavy hood (I probably should have used something lighter 
than 1/2" particle board), they are generating so much heat that I have 
to turn one or two of them off on the hottest days. I suppose the best 
thing to do is to mount the ballasts away from the hood, in the cabinet 
below perhaps. Although it's probably a simple modification, I'd still 
like to hear about your experience if you have your fluorescent ballasts 
mounted remotely. Thanks.

BTW, is there a danger that my tank (48"x18"x24" 1/2" glass) could not 
support the hood (it's at least 50 lbs incl the ballasts and the entire 
weight rests on the two edges of the tank). The thought of a flooded family 
room really scares me...

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