Re: Chloramine removal?

Rhonda Wilson wrote:
> Subject: Introduction
> [snip]
> I have 4 ten gallon tanks. My nicest has H. difformis, Rotala indica, V.
> gigantea, A. ulvaceus, A. madagascariensis, Java moss, and recently thanks to
> Karens recommendations, two Anubias nana which are doing quite well. This tank
> has one 15 watt fl.

Very fascinating! May I ask what size your A. mad. gets to be? numbers of leaves?
Is it partially emersed? Does it go through a dormant phase? What temperature(s)
do you keep this tank? Does it bloom; produce seeds? Has it propagated? How long
have you had it? What types of substrate do you use? Do you have algae on the
leaves? You mentioned direct sunlight; how many hours etc? Are you happy with your
results (does your method seem satisfactory?) I'm beginning to suspect temperature
changes (even 5 degrees) might be enough to trigger grow phases in this plant.
Interested in any and all experiences with this plant. Thanks!

Dan Mongoven wrote:
> Subject: Chloramine removal?
> > From: Nick LaRocca
> > 
> > If your water has chloramines, here are some approaches to take:
> > 
> > 3. Cheap but chancy:  Fill a large container and bubble the water for
> > a week or two ( doesn't always work)
> drop a plant in the container? with or without dechlorinator (not AmQuel)?

How about boiling the water vigorously for a few minutes and then allowing it
to cool? High temperature should break the chlorine ammonia bond and liberate
both gases. Use a cast iron pot and *bonus* trace amounts of Fe in the water.
Just an idea ;-)

- Steve