Re:Water Flow

Over the weekend I revamped the whole filter system. Instead of using the
spraybar that comes with the Fluval I went on got some outlets from a
Magnum. I then moved the pickup tube to the center of the tank. I took a T
and installed it in the outlet hose the put the Magnum outlets in each
corner. Still getting good water flow but by having it come from 2 different
places it has much less force. THis setup seems to be working pretty well at
the present time. I have the picked up tube towards the bottom of the tank
and the inlets are just below the water surface. 

John let me know how you DYI defusser works out. I have been using a little
defusser that is made by Sander. It works by either flowing water across the
bottom of it or by pumping air to it which causes the water in the defusser
to circulate. I am still not totaly happy with it. I have been consider
trying to pump water through it from the filter or reverse the action by
putting an air line in the intake if the filter and the attach the other end
to the outlet of the defusser. I am thinking that this would create a vacum
and circulate the water through it.