Re: Water Flow

> From: ibi007 at lion_connect.more.net (Allen Sandifer)
> Date: Fri, 11 Aug 1995 17:08:20 -0500
> Subject: Water Flow
> I am using a Fluval 403 in my 55g. It comes with a spray bar that you attach
> towards the top of the tank. I have been trying to get good water flow
> without an exsesive amount of current. I like the idea of running the filter
> at full blast to got good water changes between the tank and the filter. I
> drilled out the SB to help cut down on the pressure comming form it.
> Here's the problem, I have the inlet tube in the back left of the tank, with
> the SB across the top. I have the exit holes turned towards the back of the
> tank, one slightly up the otehr slightly down. If I throw a leaf in the
> right side of the tank it just seems to float around in that end. 
> Are any other that are using canisters using the spray bars or did you go to
> a more conventional water return? I am injecting CO2 so I don't want alot of
> water movement on the very top or have the SB break the water surface.
> Allen

I have a Fluval 403 in a 90gal tank. My setup is quite similar to what is
probably the "standard" setup as pictured in the Fluval manual except the
spray bars are about 5-6 inches below the waterline to minimize CO2 loss. 
The intake is at the left-back corner and the spray bars are pointed
lightly downward towards the front of the glass. No problem with the water
flow as far as I can see. 

Last week I made a DIY CO2 reactor using part of a gravel vacuum tube. 
The reactor is designed so that water flows down the tube containing some 
bio-balls and CO2 is bubbled in from the bottom. Water containing 
dissolved CO2 flows out of the bottom of the reactor. I connected part of 
the waterflow from the Fluval spray bar (drilled a hole in the end-cap) to 
the CO2 reactor and found that the water pressure is dramatically reduced 
out of the spray bar. This may be a solution if you wish to reduce the 
water pressure from the SB.

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