Death In a New Plant Tank

> From: "Coggeshall, John C." <jcogges at ssp_jsc.nasa.gov>
> My NEW plant tank is 4 weeks old.
> Last Night while doing my weekly 25% water change all 3 of my black mollies 
> died within 12 hours.  
> Can anyone guess on how I could have killed my mollies?  (They were 2 weeks 
> old).

More than likely, they were pretty poor stock to start with and they
couldn't deal well with the relatively soft water.  I think it was
just a coincidence that they died after a water change.

> Should i buy one of those fancy kits for transfering water from the tap?
> Should i put my water in a barrel for a day to let the Chlroine evaporate?

Nope, nope.