Re: Webb-Kelly tank

>Now why does the pH go up so much with such a slight increase in KH? In 
>my tank with a KH of ~10, I notice a pH change of 0.2-0.4 during the 
>course of a day due to photosynthesis. So it might be that since your KH 
>is so low (<3) a slight change in KH or CO2 would significantly affect 
>your pH. Is it possible that you have more demand for CO2 since the 
>initial setup (due to algae growth perhaps)? 
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Not according to the tables published by Horst/Kipper and others.
The 0.5 to 1.0 KH increase should cause a small pH increase.

No, not much oxygen is being produced.

Subject: Re: Plants & salt

A correction to a  posting I just made........

>     My husband has long wanted to have some livebearer's, probably guppies
>and/or platys.  Will I have trouble creating conditions acceptable to both
>the fish and the plants? How soft can the water be for livebearer's?  I have
>read that mollies are good for cycling a plant tank--do you ever put salt in
>for the fish--I wouldn't think the plants would like it much.  Thanks for any

My mollies thrive in a 29 gallon with 2 grams/liter marine salt. Java
moss, java fern, hornwort and water sprite all do well. The water is
very soft at 2 to 3 dH. I've read that Cryptocoryne ciliata, Anacharis,
Elodea densa, Hygrophila polysperma, and Vallisneria gigantea also do
well up to and above specific gravity 1.0023.

Sorry, my mistake. That's 2 grams/gallon although the plants supposedly
can take more.