Re: Plants & salt

>     My husband has long wanted to have some livebearer's, probably guppies
>and/or platys.  Will I have trouble creating conditions acceptable to both
>the fish and the plants? How soft can the water be for livebearer's?  I have
>read that mollies are good for cycling a plant tank--do you ever put salt in
>for the fish--I wouldn't think the plants would like it much.  Thanks for any

My mollies thrive in a 29 gallon with 2 grams/liter marine salt. Java
moss, java fern, hornwort and water sprite all do well. The water is
very soft at 2 to 3 dH. I've read that Cryptocoryne ciliata, Anacharis,
Elodea densa, Hygrophila polysperma, and Vallisneria gigantea also do
well up to and above specific gravity 1.0023.

Subject: Re: Canadian source of SAE
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>> I called Uncle Ned Saturday and he said that it would cost about $25 to have
>> them shipped nextday air to the midwest. I do agree even at that it makes it
>> rather expensive, but a friend and I are going to place an order together so
>> that will help might just order a couple of otos too. 

There has to be a wholesaler who supplies Uncle Ned and others and who
also ships into Canada. Then get your retailer to order acouple of dozen
for your club or group. This is bullshit. I know that the wholesaler in
Fort Erie and Mike in Montreal supply the false SAEs. Never seen a SAE in
an AquariumServices store either.

Subject: Re: Green water and nitrates
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>I am not surprised by your observation that nitrates have dropped to zero.
>Green water algae soak up nutrients like crazy.  I have never gotten a
>reading with measurable nitrates when I have had green water.  It is a
>common misconception that green water is a sign of overly high nutrients.
>Actually a tank with green water is more likely to be very low in

Wasn't it determined a while back that the best way to beat green water
was to add nutrients to get the plants growing? That would be my