Re: SAEs

>Uncle Ned says they are quite small (under 1"). I think 5-6 for your tank 
>should be OK 'cause they do grow quickly. Liisa always says you should 
>probably get a few other green algae eating fish like the otocinclus. $40 
>shipping for 5-6 fish is pretty expensive though.

I called Uncle Ned Saturday and he said that it would cost about $25 to have
them shipped nextday air to the midwest. I do agree even at that it makes it
rather expensive, but a friend and I are going to place an order together so
that will help might just order a couple of otos too. 

I put some sort of little alage eaters in the tank that I picked up here at
a local pet shop. Not sure excatly what they are yet as they were sold as
Alage Eaters. Need to go over the description of the SAEs and releated that
I have. From what I can tell they definitly are NOT SAEs but they are
cleaning up the tank.

As some as my buddy gets rid of his Tinfoils we will be placing an order
with Uncle Ned. Need to review George's list of housekeepers that I read.

Thanks for the help.