Re: Green water algae explosion

> From: steveh at ilx_com (Steven Hicks)
> Subject: Re: Algae problems with a new tank
> I'm trying to be patient, but I am having a horrible time with green water in
> my 2-3 month old planted tank.  Details are listed at the bottom of this
> message, but basically after I added two Vitalites (I already had two Tritons)
> I got great plant growth, along with algae.
Don't panic! (from the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, addendum, growing
aquatic plants & problems with algae in the 230000th century)
That kind of algae is good for the fish esp. fry and infusoria can
flourish in it. Caveat, maintain light & other conditions; if you kill it
all at once, the decomposing algae can consume a lot of O2. You can remove
the green algae using a diatom powder with a micron filter in a canister.
Run this for a couple days. However, once the green algae is all gone,
the other types of algae can grow better. Good that your plants are growing
fast. Hopefully they can start to consume more nitrogen and other nutrients
that are presently in excess. Not feeding is good. You don't have too
many fish so that's good.  Better to start with just a few fish. 

In my not so new tank I have 2 corys, 8 otocinclus, 1 farlowella
(excellent algae eater), 1 pregnant female platy in a breeding trap and
too many babies to count. That's in a 75 gallon tank. Except for a few
spots with "red" beard algae, there is very little algae in the tank. The
H polysperma is overshadowing everything else but everybody is doing fine.
The new leaves on the lace plant look fine. They are mostly in the shade
of the H poly & a giant Echinodorus cordifolius and perhaps that is a good
place for him.

 - Steve