Re: SAEs

> From: ibi007 at lion_connect.more.net (Allen Sandifer)
> Date: Sat, 5 Aug 1995 22:45:03 -0500
> Subject: Re: SAEs
> I want to order some SAEs from Uncle Ned but what I am wondering is how many
> I will need to help control the alge in a 55g planted tank. This is not an
> established tank. This is my first attempt at growing plants. The basic
> cycle has happened,the ammonia is 0, the nitrites are 0 and the nitrates are
> about 10 ppm. I understand from reading other post here on the list that I
> can expect an out break of alge as the tank cycles and gets into balance. I
> want to get a little start on the alge before it takes over the tank.
> Allen
Uncle Ned says they are quite small (under 1"). I think 5-6 for your tank 
should be OK 'cause they do grow quickly. Liisa always says you should 
probably get a few other green algae eating fish like the otocinclus. $40 
shipping for 5-6 fish is pretty expensive though.

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