Aquatic Plants Digest V1 #230

>I believe that it was Paul Kombholtz who recently said.....
>>I have noticed that red algae (which normally looks dark green) turns
>>bright red when exposed to hot water. Take a sample and boil it if you
>>want to be sure of what you're dealing with. You can also use tap water
>>as long as it gets reasonably hot.
>Well, I boiled an anubias blade with a bit of red algae attached to
>it for a couple of minutes. The algae was dark green both before and
>after the treatment. It was about 4 mm in length and appeared similar
>to what The Optimum Aquarium labels red algae on page 123, item #2.
>What gives? Any comments?
>My apologies to Paul if the attribution is incorrect.

I wrote that after noticing that the tufts of red algae that I had been
trying to scrape off my Eheim surface extractor (using hot tap water) had
turned bright red when I put it back in the aquarium. Since then I read
somewhere that you can use a solvent of some sort to remove the chlorophyll.
Maybe it was the combination of hot water and vigorous scrubbing that gave
me the result I saw; I assumed the hot water did it, but I never tested that
theory. Unfortunately I don't recall the name of the solvent. Anyone?