Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V1 ...

Hi I need help, 3 days ago I got some plants through a mail order source (
all warm water plants) anubias, crypts, apon.ellensis, java ferns etc. They
all came in healthy condition.  Now they are all wilting and turning yellow!
My aquarium is kept at 82 deg. Ph is 8.0, and I have the yeast in a bottle
CO2 injection, 4-30 watt lights. When I got them I put in Tetra flora pride
for required dose. I don't know what is happening!  I took off the yeast
bottles thinking this could be letting out some yeast or something in the
water that is hurting them.  I did a 20% water change, and am filtering water
through activated carbon.  Could I have overdosed them with the Tetra
fertalizer? All I know is they are suffering from some sort of shock and
their leaves are starting to float off as I write this. What is going Wrong!