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     I have jumped into this plant thing with both feet, and have not
had the results I hoped for.  Perhaps some of ya'll can help me.

I have Tetra C02 system with 4 chambers.  I live in a area that has
hard water.  The salesman told me the Tetra C02 test kit is not much
use here because of the water conditions.  The local store is out of
the Dupla floating ball thingy, but they have ordered some.  So I am
w/out a good test kit right now.

Do you think the 4 chambers if filled twice a day are adequate for a
90 gallon tank ??  My PH dropped from 7.4 to 7.2 after starting this.
And it only takes about 2-3 hours for all the C02 to react and be

My plants are not growing vigourously (They have been in for 2 weeks),
most are green on the top but are not doing so well near the bottom.
(Tank is 24" tall)

I have 160 watts of Full Spectrum light. (On 12 hours a day)
Laterite in substrate
Liquid fertilizer @ day
NO heating
Eheim Filter.
Does it take awhile for them to kick in ?  I don't ever see bubbles coming 
off my plants.
I was thinking I would see almost immediate vigorous growth.

Driftwood ????
I pulled up off the bottom of a lake this 20 year old piece of wood. 
 Pluncked it in my tank, and now it floats ???  It had dried it off on my 
beach for about a week, i thought after it soaked for awhile in my tank it 
would sink again.  Do you have to anchor down all your driftwood??

John Coggeshall
Houston, Texas