Re: bubbles of O2

>  Mark wrote:
>  >> [I added more light and my plants] started to send a tiny stream of 
> bubbles from various leaves. <<

Karen and others wrote:
>  This is called photosynthesis.

Very true.  Photosynthesis continues whenever there is sufficient light to
permit the plants to grow.  In this situation you've reached the point where
photosynthesis oxygen production is high enough to cause saturation of dissolved
oxygen in the water.  This is a very good sign because it means that things are
working well and you have enough plants to provide an abundancy of oxygen.  The
oxygen bubbles form in locations, often at a damaged spot on a stem or leaf,
where there are chemical sites which "catalyze" the oxygen transition to a gas.
These bubbles are not the direct result of photosynthesis occuring at that site
but a consequence of it happening "all over".  The water is actually
super-saturated with O2, hence the active "boiling" effect.  Notice the happy
fish?  A tank heavily planted is extremely good for fish and (I read) provides
protection against diseases, encourages the protective slime coating on fish in
addition to oxygen and food!  The SECRET to raising up a batch of fat and
healthy fry is to have LOTS of floating plants which provide free homes and food
for infusoria in your tank.

 - Steve