Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V1 #219

Regarding plants jumping to life with addition of proper lights - the 
same thing happened to me when I went from weak fl lites to MH.  Before 
the bulbs were completly warmed up the plants started to send out streams 
of o2.  It was obvious they were in need of light energy.  The same can 
happen with fertilizer.  Many times when I put in liquid fert it is a 
matter of seconds and the plants send out o2.  
Another case for immediate o2 emission is when a water change  causes 
supersaturated water to be added.  If the water is close to saturated the 
new water is oft enough to push it over the edge and cause the bubbles of 
o2 to be seen coming out of the leaves.  It is indeed gratifying to see 
hard evidence of o2 generation.  How strange that many people buy plants 
to take in co2 and give off o2 and then ignore the fact that this only 
happens when the plant is metabolizing and producing growth.  If it aint 
growing it aint making o2.