re:More light = plant bubbles?!

>From: Mark Jackson <buzzard at teleport_com>
>Date: Wed, 2 Aug 1995 00:50:01 -0400
>Subject: More light = plant bubbles?!
>I have a 55 gal with co2 injection, with only 60 watts of weak light
>(old bulbs) Today I recieved in the mail a new double strip four foot
>light.  I immediatly got it over the tank with the old lights and
>watched my plants "come to life" The effect was immediate...they all
>started to send a tiny stream of bubbles from various leaves.  I'm not
>talking just a few bubbles, these things were goin' crazy!  Can anyone
>help me with what exchange is going on here and what the light
>triggered to do this?  The books I have do not explain this.

Congratulations! As others have pointed out, the bubbles are probably
oxygen.  This means your plants, are happier, and that their happiness
was till now being limited by the low lighting.

Now that the lighting has been upgraded, your tank is most likely in a
transition phase to a new equilibrium where growth may be limited not
by lighting but by some other factor such as nutrients.  You may then
find that the oxygen bubbling slows down.  (Re the subject line, IMO,
more lighting does not necessarily imply more bubbles of oxygen).

You'll then have a new challenge on your hands - figuring out what to
do next. This is the sort of thing that keeps me interested in aquatic
gardening.  It is still an art more than a science to me.

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