Re: New tank setup

> From: Davin Milun <milun at cs_Buffalo.EDU>
> Date: Mon, 24 Jul 1995 23:42:19 -0400
> Subject: New tank setup
> I am deciding between 2 or 3 48" tubes.  The question is, would 2 40W tubes
> be "enough" on a 55gal (20" high)?
I think you would be more pleased with one or two 100w MHs (IMHO :-)
High lighting is essential for luxuriant growth.

> As to substrate:  I have bought 100lb of the finer-grained prepackaged
> "Sun Stone" brand, aquarium gravel.  Is that sufficient?  And, how necessary
> is laterite?
If using CO2 and high lighting, I think a good substrate is worth the effort.
I have had excellent success with vermiculite and earthworm castings in
place of laterite. Use this in moderation. See previous articles on this.
Do you have a copy?

> Filtration:  I don't like UGFs, and have been happy with an Aquaclear 150 on
> my 20gallon.  I'm thinking of keeping the AC150, and adding an AC300 too.
> Does that sound okay?  both in terms of amount of filtration, and amount of
> unwanted surface agitation.
Yup. You might want an underwater powerhead too to stimulate circulation
which is beneficial to most plants. Biological filtration is less important
than mechanical filtration. One big advantage of MH lights is the aquarium
is much more accessible so you can remove any floating debris. Sorry for the
lateness of this response; I've been on vacation.

 - Steve