Re: propagating swords

>Hi all, I have a question regarding the reproduction of plants.  What is the
>correct way to cut the plant and have them reproduce lets say for e.g.
>swords.  I really don't feel like killing my plants and in interested in any
>correct proceedures that should be induced.
>Thankyou Mr. Scott.
>(not the one on star trek)

Many species of swords produce plantlets when they send up a flower stalk.
The plantlets can be removed  and planted when they have several roots.  If
you can't get your sword to bloom, try changing the daylength.  Try a short
day, long night regimen, if you have been keeping it on a long day, short
night.  A short day would be about 8 hours, and a long day would be 14 to
16 hours.  If you can't get it to bloom, or if the flower stalk never
produces plantlets, then you can try digging it up, and cutting its rizome
into segments. For this to work, you need an old, well-established plant
that has had a year or two to develop a long rhizome.   Float these
segments until you see plantlets growing from them, then plant them.  You
can also try fertilizing flowers and collecting seeds.   I've never tried
growing seeds, but the books on aquatic plants say that the seeds of most
swords germinate readily and are not too difficult to grow.

Paul Krombholz