CO2 w/o regulator

I got tired of mixing yeast cocktails and broke down and bought a 20#
CO2 tank and a Uniweld regulator.  In searching for needlevalves I came 
across one made by Parker.  The thing is rated to 5000 psi
and has a large/heavy brass body which works well for kinetic 
transfer.  So, being the curious sort that I am, I tried it on the tank with 
and without a Uniweld regulator.  The resultant flow is steadier from 
the needlevalve WITHOUT the regulator.  Tank pressure is much more 
stable than any of the $55 regulators at a low (25 psi) pressure.  Since 
the flow I use is minimal the heavy brass body keeps the valve from 
iceing up (doesn't even get cold).  The Parker needlevalve has a very 
fine adjustment to it and can deliver any flow from "zero" to "empty 
your tank in an hour".  Best of all it was only $17.  Anyone interested 
in a slightly used Uniweld regulator? :)