Re: Long term effects

> From: 76535.2776 at compuserve_com (Karen Randall)
> My frustration at this point stems from the fact that the whole tank
> is so root bound that I cannot divide plants as needed without
> uprooting large sections of the bottom.  It seems to me that you had
> to dismantle a tank with substrate heating for similar reasons?<g>

We didn't dismantle it, just moved the plants aound a bit (although
moving the E. osiris was somewhat akin to dismantling a square foot of
substrate!).  The tank is still running with the original substrate,

Perhaps our experience with the decline was due in part to our water
being practically devoid of worthwhile nutrients.  We are unable to
maintain plants in "low tech" aquariums, even with Dupla fertilizers. 
Maybe it's the altitude?  "Rocky Mountain Spring Water" may (or may
not :-) make good beer, but it sure doesn't grow plants well!